Spigot ChangeBackItem 1.6

Your unique block item will never lose when place on the ground (Spigot/Bukkit 1.7 ~ 1.8.7)

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    ChangeBackItem - Your unique block item will never lose when place on the ground

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  2. What a nice plugin. :D

    1. Purchase this plugin
    ^That makes no sense since the plugin is free. Mind fixing it?
  3. Thank you for you remind, I have change it "download" now :p
  4. I just tested your plugin, and it works great so far! I'll make a review when I've tested everything I could think of.
  5. Thanks and wait for your review ;)
  6. This needs to be fixed: "changebackitem.* | Gives access to all ItemHolo commands"

    # +--------------------------------------+
    # ChangeBackItem
    # data.bdata
    # +--------------------------------------+
    # Remarks
    # -------
    # Do not modify this file content if you
    # don not know what is it
    # +--------------------------------------+

    "don not" lol :p

    Plugin_Reloaded_All: '&aAll config are reloaded!' - Should be reworded to "All configs are reloaded!" or "Plugin configuration reloaded!" or something.
  7. Thank you for your suggestion, I will change those setting on the future version ;)
    (Sorry for my mistake and English)
    #7 OnikurChan, Mar 9, 2015
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  8. I noticed that the custom blocks that are placed, lose their data when the server restarts.
  9. Hello WormKid109,
    Is there have any errors on the console?
    Also, is there have a file call "data.bdata" when restart?
  10. Yes it's there, but nothing get's saved to it. But don't worry. It was just like that on my local server. My actual server seems to be working.
  11. Thanks, I will try to find the problem and fix it ;)
    #12 OnikurChan, Mar 25, 2015
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  12. If you store information in the placed block's MetaData it is all removed when you shut down the server. There's no workaround other than saving all metadata to a database or file.
  13. Hello wazoomie,
    Thanks for your information,
    but ChangeBackItem already have this feature when stop or reload the server will save the data to a file "data.bdata"
    #14 OnikurChan, Mar 25, 2015
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  14. Hello Henry Daeche,
    I am sorry for that. Is there have any error on this plugin startup?
    If I find the problem I will fix it on the next version
  15. I don't think so, it runs perfectly fine. Just the shutdown :)
  16. Thank you for your reply, I will try to find and fix this problem on the next version
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