Changin player name with Bungee

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  1. So I've been wondering if I can change players username on Bungee?

    For example let's say player with username "Little John" joins my server... I'd like to change his username to "LittleJohn" with Bungee. Also I expect the name "LittleJohn" after that on all Spigot servers behind Bungee but that's kinda obvious...

    So, is it possible and how?
  2. My idea is to have a plugin on each server checking if bungee sends them a name change.

    Player joins via bungee, bungee changes and sends it to the current server LittleJohn is on or all of them, and updates it their.
  3. Meh... yuck em! I already hate myself I let this in the first place...

    On the other hand... idk what they've been thinking handpicking names like that (ie: John The Stupid or even " John The Stupid ").

    > Player joins via bungee, bungee changes and sends it to the current server LittleJohn is on or all of them, and updates it their.

    That's exactly what i wanted... remove white spaces from players username without need to rejoin. _Cory_ can ur plugin do that? Custom mapping UUID to Username and vice versa is useless for me (have that already) if my players need to rejoin on server (and change name in Launcher).

    Then I guess i can do

    if(event.getConnection().getName().contains(" "))


    PreLoginEvent event

    and event.setCancelReason("REMOVE WHITE SPACEs FROM UR USERNAME, U TARD OR WHAT"); & cancel event

    Still... I was kinda hoppin I could fix usernames for my players without any action on their side... but well...
  4. I'm remaking it as we speak and I'm adding some sort of name censoring system that will be able to replace x with y.. If that's what you mean?
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  5. BungeeCord bro...

    Whilst that says BungeeCord, that merely means it can support multiple servers via SQL and not actually BungeeCord itself.. Since this is "BungeeCord plugin development" I'd expect it to be a BungeeCord plugin..
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  6. Breaking the agreement to the plugin :cool:...

    Gives a valid reason to remove your access to the plugin with no refunds.. (also it's obfuscated just to make life that little bit harder)..
  7. Nope, you cant prove it.
    This is really no problem... as long as you dont use a string obfuscator and 16 char long names everything is fine :D
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  8. As far as proof goes, the mere fact of stating the intent to reverse engineer can suffice.
  9. I didn't buy the plugin. Only said its possible.
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  10. Whatever... I was looking for hint how to change player's name... cause I'd like to integrate that into my plugin...
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  11. Reflection my friend.
  12. yea that's what i meant with hook lol :D ill just mess up public String getName() and it'll prob work, later...
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