Changing fence states?

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  1. Hello, this is not a recruitment or hiring or some sorts.

    i was just wondering if somebody knows how to change the state a fence or glasspane is in.
    i run a towny server and i want to make plots that look pleasing to the eye.

    however fences keep connecting to blocks i dont want them to connect to.
    they're just going into a T state wanting to connect to all blocks near it.

    is there any way to prevent a fence from doing this? is there way to change their state?
    maybe a plugin of some sorts?

    i hope someone knows the answer.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Could you try replacing the blocks that the fences are connecting to with stairs instead of blocks? Since they’re not full blocks I don’t think they’ll connect.
  3. yea i used to do that. but seemingly in 1.14.3.... the fences now also connect to the back of stairs :/
  4. Bump. i really want to know if this is possible in some way x.x
  5. Since you have a wooden axe, I'm assuming you're using WorldEdit. With that being the case, you can turn on `//fast` mode, and then `//set oak_fence` (or whatever type you'd like). This will prevent them from connecting.
    To get the connections you want (either north/south or east/west) specify block properties with
    `//set oak_fence[north=true,south=true]`.

    Note that blocks placed next to the fence will cause block updates that may cause them to re-attach, so you'd have to prevent those blocks from being changed if you want it to stick around. (unsure if this is just a one time thing or what).
  6. You can also manually do it with the debug stick
    /give playerName debug_stick then you can left click/right click for different options to change a blocks state
  7. WorldEdit's /cycler can do this too, but I think that would take a bit to do for many fences individually :p