Suggestion Changing if a resource updates bumps the resource on the forums?

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by RandomPanda30, May 11, 2015.

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  1. Hello, so I'm currently working on a plugin that's being worked on all the time and I keep posting updates to allow users to test and debug the new features as soon as possible. The problem is that when I do keep posting resource updates, the resource will get bumped and it will look as if I've just done a pointless update to bump my resource (which is not my intention by the way)

    Does anyone else think a feature to change whether the resource gets bumped or not per update? Or is it just me being too polite and not wanting to look bad... xD
  2. i really dont think it matters to me if i need a plugin ill search it in the search box!
    but i mean who cares? LOL
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    I can see the use in this, but it would have to be something that would be implemented by the XenForo developers.
  4. Hmmm true. I just feel bad when I'm constantly putting out new releases and it always bumps it up which is a pain really S:
  5. @RandomPanda30
    i dont think it matters have you put like something in your code that will download the latest version if so @jflory7 hope this is ok but you could make a seprate version and use it as a media fire download and say get it from there and make a link in the description just thought about that!
  6. Problem with that is the resource is premium....Oops.....
  7. ohhhhh
    add a password to medie fire and give the peaple who bought it the password only??????
  8. Wow so simple and I couldn't think that idea up. Thanks!
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  9. No problem!
    Have Fun!
  10. The password could easily get shared around, once someone gets ahold of the password it's likely that it would spread like wildfire.
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  11. Dont put a title and description in your plugin update
  12. Yeah, I've if you do this then your resource won't bump to the front page. No need to share a password with your buyers (It would easily get shared..)
  13. A solution to this would be update priority.

    just fixing a small bug and adding some error checks/cleaning up code? - priority 3
    pushing an update that is necessary for the users (exploit?) - priority 2
    adding a big new feature/large code change or adding (over ___ lines of new/changed code) - priority 1

    kinda like this:

    only priority 2 & 3 are bumped up.
    punishment for using a priority that shouldn't be used for your update.

    though as said before, this would have to be developed, just for spigot and it'd probably be costly.
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  14. well change the passwordievery so often??? lot of peaple do that and if they give it out and they agreeded to the download thingy and u put in there if u redisibute you could face leagle action
    then issue a takedown on there ISP for or sue them aint how thqt works???
  15. Ahh, yes.... Maybe try to explain yourself in more than two questions with proper grammar and spelling.
  16. clip


    You can update your resource to fix bugs with a "silent update" by not adding an Update Title: or Message:
    This will allow you to push a new version without bumping it on the "latest updates" list.

    Just be sure to tell everyone what was changed in your discussion thread as the only difference will be a new version in your version history tab. This will still allow the new version to be downloaded by clicking the download link on your plugin page.
  17. look @Coder you dont have to be a jerk, Jerk!
    and i dint even ask u i was talking to the person who asked NOT You so stay out of it if all ur gonna do is be stupid!
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    Because this discussion is (a) no longer becoming relevant, and (b) it has been discussed before and is not currently possible, the thread has been locked.
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