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  1. After using my host for my dedicated servers (3) i have gotten to the point that the constant network outages and down time has driven me insane can anyone suggest a good host company for a few dedicated servers
    Please only suggest host you have used or still using now
    Thanks Pat
  2. SecuredServes.
  3. Hivelocity
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    Also, SingleHop. Best host I've ever been with. They are expensive, but it's worth every cent.
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  5. md_5

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    Perhaps too expensive for most people who are used to OVH and Kimsufi.
    Also linkjacked your aff link :D
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    OVH network is not the greatest from what i hear.
    Also, not all people like budget servers.
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  7. I'm not looking for a budget server i care about up time and performance over low cost.
    Only the best for the players lol
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    SingleHop! :D
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  9. Will check it out, Got all the time in the world waiting for my server to come back online -.-
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  10. Well i found out the data center is under attack which is the reason for my downtime
    100s of servers are down
    And apparently the attack is over 50gbs
    Starting to wonder if this data center is in someones back garden shed
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    What host are you with now?
  12. I'd rather not name them as up until the past month they have been a great host they normally just rent VPS but have set me up with dedicated servers
    And i don't know what data center they use
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    I see... Well good luck with that.
  14. Well now they manage to get it back up and running at 9am this morning after 9hrs downtime
    Admixhosting said there should be some connectivity
    yep i named them as I'm annoyed
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    I thought admixhosting was shared hosting, not dedis o_O
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    Potential client for yourselves!
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  17. Thanks for the tag brajo

    PatrickMayo If you are looking for a DDoS protected Minecraft server you can always take a look at our combo plans. Its not going to be as cheap as OVH or other budget providers, but we provide the best Minecraft DDoS Mitigation in the Industry, have a global network, and a support team that cares about helping our clients. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.

    You can check out all of our services here: The link I provided will also help support Spigot and MD_5.
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  18. I'm running 3 dedicated servers I'd imagine it would cost an arm and a leg to host with you lol Nut im sure a qoute wont hurt to much
    They also host dedicated servers but its not advertised on there site

    Staminus would i only require one server to be protected as long as the other 2 server ips remain hidden?
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  19. PatrickMayo That is correct. As long as you keep your other 2 server ips hidden you only need one protected IP, assuming you are using that IP with bungeecord to connect all of your servers.

    Shoot us an e-mail with what you need and we can provide you with a custom quote.

  20. I have a question, if i connect 3 server with bungeecord, is possible for someone find the ip of one of my of my other servers using wireshark?