Changing Spigot name

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does it?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. hey, so as I found you can change your name if you donated 10$
    so I wondered, if I bought plugins/s that cost above 10$
    does it count as donating?
  2. no, donating $10+ to SpigotMC

    SpigotMC makes $0 off of plugin purchases.
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  3. Nope only way to change your name is to donate 10$ or more, on the main page in the donate module.
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  4. No, you need to donate. If you want to change that badly then create a new account.
  5. 1) Stop spamming the forums
    2) That is against SpigotMC rules
    3) The thread has already been answered.
  6. Purchasing a plugin does not count towards your donate count. Buying a plugin is giving money to the creator.