Solved Changing the Base Command for a Plugin & Compiling

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  1. Basically the developer for HopeItems dropped development and got a full time job. His plugin is open source and I want to use it on a server with ProRecipes but they both require using the /items command. I'd like to change HopeItem's base command (/items) to "/hopeitems". Could I just replace all the "/items" texts with "/hopeitems" and recompile it? If not, what would I need to do?

    I used Notepad++ to replace all "/items" with "/hopeitems" in the source code folder then tried to compile it in the Command Prompt using these instructions but clearly I'm doing something wrong because it's not working..

    Closed. I managed to contact the ProRecipes dev (which hasn't been on Spigot for a while) and we got it worked out. So I no longer need this.
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