Changing the controls allow you to mine faster?

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  1. Hey forum members,

    Recently when I was inside the testing phase from a project of my,
    I came across a weird thingie, which I never knew existed nor I can find anything related on any website.
    I don't even know if this is a known or unknown bug or a feature of Minecraft itself. Or even a bug within a pl

    It happens when u switch one of your gameplay controls like "Attack/Destroy" or "Use Item/Place block"
    to any keyboard button. It allows you to mine faster like triple the speed of breaking a block or minging e.t.c.
    This can cause damage in servers where you have to mine through an objective or in PVP. Since u can also for example spam millions of snowballs per second.

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this and where this is related to?
    I am curious and maybe you did not even hear about this.

  2. Quick question, what keyboard do you have and what minecraft version was this on?
  3. The details of this strange appearance are:

    Spigot Version: 1.12 (With ViaVersion Support)
    Tested with Minecraft 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15
    Tested with multiple keyboards such as razers, and those that are stuck into your laptop.
    Basically either Spigot or Minecraft is handling these mechanics, or this is indeed a bug inside Spigot for firing too quickly.

    EDIT: The thing is that it aint working on my wireless keyboard from HP. For some reason it works 50/50 on some clients. It's either working for you or it isn't.
  4. Yeah you can just bind your punching key to space and put a rock on it, and stand there grinding mobs at a guardian farm going PRPRPRPRPRPRPRPPRPRPRPR instead of regular speed.

    since they are basically doing the auto punching we consider it a macro behavior and player gets removed from the game.

    I wish this sorta stuff wasn't a thing.