Changing thousands of permission groups

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  1. Hey!

    I'm looking to change a few thousand players' PermissionsEx group from one rank (Geek) to another (Default). We're moving to a new donation system, and we are removing the free rank (Geek), so need to change all the few thousand people who have it to be default. (Don't worry, we're doing more for permissions but I'll not go into detail)

    My question is, how do I change multiple PEX groups at once? Is there some code someone could make up?


  2. Edit the file, and replace Geek with Default

    You can use replace all with notepad++
  3. Ofc somebody can code it.but you also can just stop the server and CTRL+F with the replace-all function and replace the word Geek to Default. If you still want to have it to be coded, you may contact me.

    EDIT: Sniped...
  4. Ahhh very good, thanks for that! I never considered this...
  5. That poor user named Geek
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