Spigot Chaos Spawners 2.0.1

Spawner Mining + Empty Spawner Crafting + Special Pick + Lightweight and Easy to Use!

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    Chaos Spawners - Spawner Mining + Empty Spawner Crafting + Special Pick + Lightweight and Easy to Use!

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  2. I don't understand... why not just sell mob eggs with what ever shop plugin you are using?
    Or for more complexed yet simple shops, you could always try ChaosShops
    I would have to completely rewrite this plugin for it to work with that Spawnersshop. They use a different method for handling the spawners than what I do. But any shop plugin should allow you to sell any Mob egg you want. Your players could than use those eggs on an empty spawner to change it to whatever that egg is. So if you want them to have to pay 1000 dollars for say a creeper spawner, you would just charge them 1000 dollars for the creeper egg.
  3. I need specific spawners to sell, Because essentials buy/sell signs doesn't support that. SpawnerShop is the only plugin i trust atm.
  4. You can sell any mob egg instead of selling the spawners themselves. SpawnerShop looks to have a lot issues with not placing spawners properly.
    For example, you can use essentials signs and sell them item: 383:99 if you wanted to sell them an irongolem egg, or you could also use: igolemegg
    Essentials shop signs can handle the eggs just fine. And this is the best way to handle it.
    Since SpawnerShop does not rely on it's own system, it is hard to say what the outcome would be. But my plugin will pick up and convert any spawner to my system, so long as there is not another plugin that is handling it. So if you bought a spawner from SpawnerShop, placed it and it is a CreeperSpawner, you pick it with Chaos Spawners and it will be a CreeperSpawner with the proper creature and display name.
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    Let's see some comments!

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  6. I have this plugin on a small private server and i really like it. My only issue is the chaos pick, is it possible to change the recipe? I would like to make it a little more difficult for players and myself to craft it. I have some ideas, but if it were configurable, that would be awesome. Either way, i still really enjoy the plugin, as well as the recipes one too.
  7. I have considered doing a little updating to this plugin. I currently run it on my own personal server without the ability for Silktouch to mine spawners, which was a bit of code change. I could very well keep this feature in an update and then make a config to configure the recipe and name for the ChaosPick. It could be about a week or two before I can get to it, I have been down for about 4 days, and it seems like I have got behind by 8 days due to it.
  8. Cool. So the Chaos Pick is required to get the spawners?
  9. With my current setup that I am using, yes. I have a slightly modified version of this on my own server. Silktouch does not work there to get spawners. Which if I am to update this, that is most likely what I would end up doing is removing the Silk and setting it for the craftable pick only. Which I would also set it for full customization, Name, Lore and Recipe. This would also allow to remove all enchants from the pick, but I would leave the glow effect. With this method, it gets a little tricky for players to add additional enchants to the pick. Which makes it pretty much only good for mining spawners, which was my idea for going that route on my own server. If that is more what you are thinking, than let me know and I will put it on my to do list and get you an update.
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    Long Overdue

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  11. Been gone for a while now... but I am back! I will be slowly updating a few of the old plugins and adding more. I will be also reworking Chaos Mounts and possibly Chaos Shops in the near future, this time around they will not be a premium resource. Stay tuned for premium plugins at no cost what so ever!
  12. hi im finding the nodes are not working when i try to add them to rank permissions can you please tell me what i may be doing wrong