Spigot Characters - Roleplay Essentials

Bringing the Premium Roleplay Essentials to Minecraft

  1. i do have Discord, my profile is Vkay#1006
  2. Vkay#1006 is invalid Discord Tag
  3. Has this been tested with 1.15?
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  4. Hi I am currently at home during the festive season, from my knowledge of it not having any version-specific code it should definitely work - that being said I am checking with users to see if any of them are running it on 1.15 without issue but it seems about 4% servers are doing so!
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  5. Travel is no longer exists for 1.14.4 ?
  6. Not at the current moment, I am currently caught up with Uni work - a Holiday is inbound and Characters will be updated.
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  7. Don't worry - I am working away, hopefully, to make everyone's lives a lot easier.

    Characters will be getting a 1.16.x update (although should already work) and hopefully Hex colour support.

    A few things that may also be included:
    - Caching of Data
    - Bungecoord Support (Ensuring Characters are transferred between servers via MariaDB (MySQL)
    - Events (for hooks)
    - Optimised Code

    Open to Suggestions about the following:
    - New Database Storage (Needs to be compatible with HikariCP)