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  1. I'm the owner of a large server known as JurassicPvP, we have roughly 300 open chargebacks, with our average payment being 20$, this is probably 6000$ in chargebacks.

    I have a nice TOS setup however, I'm unsure how to fight these well or efficiently, if you are interested in helping me for a payment, I'd be interested.

    Contact me here - uDrop#0383

    Please leave feedback below on what to do :D
  2. I want to note, these are not unauthorized transactions, I win most of them automatically.
  3. You cannot really fight this other than to state exactly what the user gets and make sure they get what they paid for. If you have done that, you cannot lose the claims.

    People think they can get away with free goods and charge back, generally this comes from a young audience who has no clue what legal actions this has as a result.

    Make sure to note that upon purchasing that they might lose access to the server due to breaking the rules and thus also their gained items/benefits on that account.
  4. If you call your store items donations and state in your ToS that they are, then they can't chargeback. They aren't paying for goods, they are paying to support the server which happens to give a reward for their generosity. There really isn't an efficient way, you just have to make sure that what they are donating for is crystal clear. Good luck!
  5. Tiger_Kai

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    If they made a claim the payment was unauthorised there is nothing you can do at all. I had that happen and as soon as you respond the case gets auto closed. Paypal disputes however you can fight
  6. False, you can provide paypal with the ip address used when making the payment, and they will check if it is the same as the one used on paypal.
  7. Done this multiple times, never worked.
  8. I've never had to do this, I always just stated my Terms of Service and let PayPal deal with the rest and I win 9 times out of 10.
  9. Tiger_Kai

    Tiger_Kai Previously ozm8

    But if they're smart they would use a vpn when making the purchase. I too tried to contact paypal saying its a false claim. They just flat out told me its an unauthorised payment, even though I knew it wasn't. I have won paypal disputes but never have being able to win unauthorised payment claims.

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