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  1. Hey! I've received roughly 600usd in chargebacks over the past few weeks, I'm looking into fighting them all, my shop site is and I'm curious as to how I would have to respond whilst fighting them.

    Our chargeback ratio is roughly 1/40
    It is a registered company
    We have TOS setup (From another server willing to change if needed)
  2. What kind of paypal is it? Business paypal? Also, what category were the chargebacks filed under?
  3. Business paypal (It's a registered company to)
    Unauthorised Access
    Duplicate Payment
    Item not received
  4. With PayPal your chances to win are not really high, their seller protection does not apply to digital goods.
    Was the dispute done via PayPal or through a financial institution?
  5. Through paypal, previously I won 100% of chargebacks, I lost the "script" I used, I'm just not sure what to say anymore
  6. You might have the best chance to call them until you find a competent assistant which will clarify the dispute on the phone with you, that worked before for me, but sometimes it takes 3-4 calls to find a person who not just says I can not do anything.

    Good luck.
  7. PayPal have the worst employees I'm gonna have to pass that one up :>
  8. The business paypal will really help your case. However, if any of them were credit card chargebacks, your chances of winning are very slim, but it's still possible (especially with the business paypal).

    Unauthorised access: Reply with the IP the user paid from on your store, and IPs they've used ingame. If they used a VPN to make the payment, you're probably screwed unfortunately.

    Duplicate payment: Is this a dispute or a chargeback? Anyhow, if they only paid once, state this and give evidence that they didn't buy anything twice. If they did make a duplicate payment (i.e. bought a rank twice), then refund them.

    Item not received: Should be simple enough, just give evidence that they were given the items.
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  9. Send them a digital goods like a special logo you can only get through the shop in a .zip file, unique string in the filename too.
    Then you can show paypal they've paid for the digital goods and received it. What's there to chargeback?
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  10. From my experience you can win paypal disputes but not unauthorised payment chargebacks. They usually get auto closed in favour of the buyer after you respond, unless its through like ebay or something.
  11. We don't do that. We use tebex I need to know how to respond to chargebacks and someone who is good at it to help me out
  12. On minecraft servers you will never win chargebacks or disputes. You are better of banning the player permanently for chargeback and removing their rank.
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  13. Considering I've won over 8000$ in total I can assure you that is wrong. It depends on how you fight it, my old message I had I lost my copy and paste as I swapped paypals