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  1. Hello,

    A buyer from my plugin has filed a claim on paypal claiming an unauthorized purchase. The paypal analyzed and decided that it did not find evidences that prove an unauthorized purchase.

    When there is a chargeback in the spigot, the user is automatically removed from the buyers list.

    After that, he started sending me via paypal several payment requests in the value of the plugin, I denied all.

    Not satisfied, now he has opened a new complaint claiming he did not receive the plugin, and I have statistics that he has received and used in my database. Also, in my term of use, there is no refund for the plugin.

    What should I do about this in the response to paypal?

    The user that is trying to get a scramble is this: <removed>
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  2. @BrunoAvixdubSB wow

    You can do a while bunch of legal stuff, bring him to court, but of course that'd take ages, and that might deny it ;)

    If you're willing to pay PayPal's fee of $20 or so, contact them via customer support I believe, and you can talk to them about the issue there, you can tell them you have proof I believe, not 100% sure, since I'm not a developer :p
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