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  1. Hey!

    This user just opened 3 chargeback cases, a month after purchasing my plugins. How do I go about fighting this case and winning?

    Chargeback Reason: "We're writing to let you know that one of your buyers opened a chargeback with their card issuer. The buyer stated that they did not authorise this purchase."

    How would I go about explaining to PayPal that the item the user purchased was intangible goods. I also have proof(screenshot) of me sending the user a private message thanking him for the purchase and the user replied with that he is going to try it out soon.

    He also agreed to these terms-

    Thanks for your time,
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  2. The user chargebacked for a reason maybe ask him what that reason was. He could have possibly thought you did something to the plugin but actually you didn't.
  3. Hi !

    Send an email to MD_5:
    [email protected]

    He is fast with responding, and that guy will be (i think) banned of the Forums.
    Just try it and wait for a reply :)
  4. "We're writing to let you know that one of your buyers opened a chargeback with their card issuer. The buyer stated that they did not authorise this purchase."
  5. Banning them is an option but I don't want to lose my money.

    EDIT: I already sent a PM to md_5 asking for their IP and email address they have been using.
  6. Ok, wait for respond. And i know what you mean.
    There is no other option then waiting on his reply ..
  7. JamesJ


    Call PayPal.
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  8. I am not confident enough to know what to say :/
  9. Users that chargeback on a premium resource will be automatically removed from the plugin, so don't worry about that. Just tell to paypal that the buyer accepted the ToS and there is no possible way for a refund.
  10. If its with their credit card company good luck getting it back :/ If the credit card company decides against you after you fine an appeal you'll be paying extra fees
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  11. Its $10.54 in total. Do you think I should refund it?
  12. No just reply and say about the TOS maybe it really was an unautherized transaction and was the guys paypal hacked
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  13. I thanked him in a PM and asked him to review the plugin after he had used it and he replied with that he'd try it out soon.

    Therefore I sent a PM to md_5 asking for the email addresses and the IP he has used for the account he bought the plugins on. If the email address he has used matches the one he used to buy with PayPal I could maybe get a link.

    Also, do you need to confirm your email address on Spigot when you create an account?
  14. Yes you do
  15. If I offer his money back do I have to pay an extra fee?
  16. I don't think so, but I'm not as knowledgeable about paypal.
  17. I've seen threads like this before. If it's a chargeback with their credit card company don't even bother. Just refund. If it's a paypal dispute then you can send paypal proof they agreed to the ToS and you'll win
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  18. I think refund isnt even possible.
    You can try it. ;)
  19. How do I go about refunding it? I really don't want to lose and get charged extra for no reason. I have done nothing wrong to be getting charged extra.
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  20. Yoy are charged the fee regardless of winning losing or refunding when a chargeback (I.e from the bank) hits your account.

    The fee is usually taken after you decide your response and PayPal reviews it.