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  1. I've had several chargebacks lately, and in another thread someone told me that a chargeback automatically removes the user from the buyers list, but that hasn't happened with the most recent for sure.

    The chargeback was completed despite my explanation in the PayPal dispute that it was automatically made available via 3rd party site.

    Checking the buyers list, they still had access, despite the chargeback.

    So two part question.

    1) does a chargeback remove access? (If so, immediately, or on a timed basis?)

    2) is there a way to remove a player from the buyer list?

    Edit: user has now replied to my most recent message and resent the funds. However my questions remain for the future
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  2. Im going to assume that the system wont AUTO remove the user on chargeback
  3. At least thats my thought, maybe it can