Solved Chat and TAB Formatting Help

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  1. I'm putting these together, since I'm not sure if fixing the chat will get TAB to behave how I would like it to.

    What chat currently looks like:

    I would like chat to look more like:

    What TAB currently looks like:

    What I would like TAB to look like(This looks like this through /nick):

    Our plugin list:

    The Config files I thought necessary to include:

    I have spent the last couple days trying to figure out why the chat isn't changing to how I would like. I've hit a wall in things to try, after trying everything I could several times. It just seems like something unbeknownst to me is overriding the essentials chat config. Last night we tried installing another chat plugin(â„¢-the-ultimate-chat-plugin-500-000-downloads-1-2-5-1-15-2.271/ ) which after and hour of meddling with seemed to do nothing to help my situation with the chat that I am trying to achieve.

    Edit: Chat formatting has been solved, but Tab still does not show player names as the lighter color in their prefix.

    Edit 2: I was able to get both of these fixed.
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  2. For your chat formatting, i'd suggest installing essentials chat plugin. If you look at line 712 in your essentials config.

    format: '{PREFIX} {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
    You can format your chat with that line. This only works with that Chat plugin addon.

    As for your tablist i've never seen that plugin you're using, it may not support nick names in the tablist.
  3. That was an easy fix for chat. I assumed that since I had EssentialsX in the plugins folder, that EssentialsChat was there too. Thanks for solving that!

    On the other hand, TB is still displaying player's names as the darker shade in the prefix, and no the lighter shade.