Spigot Chat Color 1.0.0

Change your chat color with a fancy gui!

  1. Amar_is_The_Best submitted a new resource:

    Chat Color - Change your chat color with a fancy gui!

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  2. Nice plugin did you create! I have decompiled your code, and have a few tips:
    - Please follow the Java standards, package names must be lowercase
    - Why are you shading a full library in your jar? You are just getting a config, listening for a command and you can create your own inventory with Bukkit.createInventory().
    Any further, the code is good coded, keep the good work going!
  3. As you asked for, I have some ideas:
    - Add hex colors, let people type their color in the chat, and then they have that hex color as chat color
    - Make the chat multi-color compatible, like &l&aTest &bTest2
    - Make an option for players they can disable some colors for receiving like they won't receive for example the color red anymore
    - Add formatting colors with the chat color, like set the default chat color to &l&aTest3