Chat cool down for certain ranks

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  1. Hey spigot!

    I've been searching around for a plugin that allows you to have chat cool down for certain groups.

    Example: Group member have to wait 15 seconds before they can type again but group legend have to wait 3 seconds.

    I recently brought chat management as I thought I could do it on there but couldn't find anything. (If anyone know if you can do it on here that would be great!)

    Thank you in advance! <3
  2. How much will this cost?
  3. I take 1€ for this plugin, if you want contact me
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  4. Okay, What is your skype so we can talk about this?

    Hey, sorry Jamie said he will do it before you. So i'm going to go with Jamie :)

  5. Skype : jamie.trip

    Change friend request msg to : „0x687”