Solved Chat doesn't display displayname for no reason.

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  1. Hello men. I am trying to make it so ppls displayname show up in the chat, but it doesn't work. It works with join message.

    But not with chat and leave.

    Here is my code:
  2. I copied and pasted your code and everything works for me. Maybe you forgot to register the events in your main.
    And one tip you can use a switch instead of else if every time.
  3. i registered the event
  4. do I register all of them if I do this line of code

  5. It works for me.

    Screenshot 2021-07-04 191345.png

    Can you send the entire contents of the files.
  6. You're not importing your listener file in your main. It may be the name of the file that cause a bug, try editing the name of the file.

    I would recommend that you create an additional file for each listener.
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  7. I figured it out, It was essntials being rude ;D