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  1. Hi, im working on a plugin and i got this error when you type in chat when you are in a group/kingdom you got another prefix when you are in a group so i think thats the problem:
    Im not that good at reading errors so can someone help me with this please?
  2. Check class Chat on line 52. That’s the line throwing the error.

    In fact are you sure you posted the full error? The “Caused by...” bit too is important.

    Addition: for your other thread. Check line 87 in Join and if you’re not sure what it is, post it here.
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    Reading errors is as vital as programming. This is a common error, thrown when attempting to operate on an unexpectedly null variable. I'd recommend reading here for more info:

    Your error is a stack trace, it allows you to "trace" back the origination of the error from the function that called it (appendExpandedReplacement() ) to Spigot's original listeners (goes back quite far, you can see it didn't show 11 more history entries). Obviously you're only interested in what *you* did wrong. Check the stack trace lines for your own class names, it will also show the line number where you passed a null value (whch is what is causing the error).
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  4. How do you know its on that line?
  5. Oh i saw it omfg sorry im bad
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  6. Do you got it fixed?