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  1. I didn't think I would ever ask such an easy question, but ... tell me the best chat plugin for version 1.17.
    Now I'm only aware of ChatEx, which still works on 1.17 without problems, but I don't want to take it due to its low functionality.
  2. I tihnk EssentialsX has a Build for 1.17 which contains EssentialsChat
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  3. This plugin concentrates on chat in the form of channels, which is not very convenient for players who are used to switching via "!" before the message
  4. ChatControlRed is the best one:)
  5. What are your requirements for a chat plugin? Is it only configurable formatting and support for placeholders, or is there more to it?
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  6. 30 dollars... probably not, thanks
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  7. I would like additional functions, such as hovering over a nickname in the chat and giving you some information, for example, its coordinates.
  8. upload_2021-7-3_23-29-12.png
    Here, I found something similar on one of the servers. I would like a 1.17 chat with similar capabilities
  9. They are using ChatControlRed, doubt there is free alternative ;)
  10. These resources are no longer available for purchase on spigotmc.
  11. I think it's one of the only free ones, the more I think it only has paid plugins so far. Very recent version.

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  12. hmm u can just use a chatformat plugin and add interactive chat plugin with it
    u can add placeholders and other information to suite ur tase