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  1. Can someone recommend me some plugins that can give a point if players spam or swear and if reached a certain amount of points, the player will be temp banned. So far I'm using chat control but it doesnt have point system. I want those chat plugins that other famous servers have like mineplex. Can someone recommend me?
  2. Can you see this?
  3. I could make you a AddOn plugin for free.
  4. OH! Thank you very much! When can you finish it?
  5. Last time I've checked, you was a plugin configurator, not a plugin developer.
  6. What you mean?
  7. He most likely isn't a plugin developer and will make your addon using Skript.

    He just does server-setups, and configures plugins.
  8. Last time I checked you don't know me. @SlimeRhymn
  9. When can you finish the plugin?
  10. PM me on spigotmc.
  11. You've added me on Skype and requested plugins before, and look at your wall.

    1 ) You need help with plugins

    2 ) You was looking for a developer in the past.

    3 ) Looking from your signature, it says you create server setups, even when in need of assistance with plugins.

    4 ) Look at your're asking for help with NoCheatPlus.

    5 ) threads again, Looking for help setting up multicraft

    6 ) Threads once more..
    You're in need for someone to edit your lang.yml + the fact that you can't even configure MysticMobs

    Everything coming along?
  12. huehue :)
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  13. @SlimeRhymn Please stop saying the past. Maybe he can code plugins now. @VizionStudiosMc Do you really want to help me for free?
  14. Do you want to help me?
  15. Ugh. First off, I would not recommend using @VizionStudiosMc
    "Plugin" without pming me or another plugin dev with the source(saftey purposes).

    And to answer your question:
    1. Mineplex is 99% custom, you aren't gonna get their plugins.
    2. Chat control is really good. If you want that system, get a trusted dev to do it for you such as @Pr0totype2 . They are good, and would probably give you a good price.
    3. Maybe look for a warn plugin? If you can configure it to monitor chat.
    4. Tons of chat filters, I'm sure with enough searching you can find what you need.
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  16. i would recommend getting a custom plugin you wont find it for the public.
  17. Guys, this thread is so old. :p I don't know how you guys managed to find it. It was already solved a long ago. That time I was just a noob at servers. :p The solution for my question is to use ChatControl Pro. ;)
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