Spigot Chat Recognizer 1.0

Execute commands/messages if a message is detected in chat!

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    Chat Recognizer - Execute commands/messages if a message is detected in chat!

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  2. Good plugin, but I think I know why that person gave you a bad review. See, he probably thought this would fix the problem where people forget to add the / when type a command. For example

    Friend: /msg WormKid109 Hey man :) How are you doing?
    Me: /r Good.
    Friend: /r That's good. I lost my pickaxe, can I borrow on of yours?
    Me: r Yeah, there is one in the chest.
    Me: Woops!
    Me: /r Yeah, there is one in the chest.

    His expectations of this plugin was to prevent that from happening. What the plugin really does it just search for certain phrases and input the commands attached to that phrase. This plugin would work good for commands that don't require arguments, but not for things like the example I gave.

    A good usage of this plugin would be something like this

    Me: home
    CONSOLE: Detected "home" forcing user to do /home

    That's what the plugin does.

    Some people doesn't really read or understand descriptions correctly. So maybe he was just confused. This plugin is fairly decent, but more can be done.

    Here is my suggestion:

    Add %ARGS%

    Basically, this would allow you to make commands like this

    Message: 'msg'
    - sudo %PLAYER% /msg %ARGS%
    - ''
    Sound: NONE

    This would allow you to type :

    msg SomePlayername123 Hey! What's up?

    The plugin would detect "msg" and add the arguments "SomePlayername123 Hey! What's up?" (Basically everything after "msg") in place of %ARGS%

    So the outcome command would be :

    - sudo %PLAYER% /msg SomePlayername123 Hey! What's up?
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  3. No he knew what the plugin was used for, I made it as a free version of a plugin he made that had less functionality that he was charging people for.
  4. hola me gusto mucho el plugins pero no me anda en mi server para que versiĆ³n es ?
  5. Cool plugin, can you add permissions per item? Does this work on that latest update @JC_Plays_MC
  6. I haven't used this in the longest time but i'll recode it and make it much better :)
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  7. I would love that!!
  8. Is this still working even if not updated?


    Hello, I tried this plugin and it was very specific , like a command. Can't we just use a part of phrase and make it work?

    Like instead of "Heal me please!" , just the workd "heal" (uppoer or lowercase) should be enough to recognize/execute the command.
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