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  1. Hello! I am having difficultly finding a Chat Plugin that works well. Essentials is not working for some reason. I have factions and would like faction names, and prefixes to appear in chat.

    For example:
    Faction Prefix Name >> Message
    **Raiders [Warrior] MinecraftKid123 >> Hey guys

    Thanks so much for the help
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  2. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. What do you mean Essentials chat isn't "working". Do you have Vault installed along with EssentialsChat and a permissions plugin?
  4. Yep. I edited the format, but its not changing anything in chat.
  5. Factions has its own chat formater set to override essentials. You can either use factions and edit the chat format, or use essentials and add the factions tags.

    The factions config with chat formatting can be found at /mstore/factions_mconf/instance.json, on line 305-330.

    If you want to use essentials chat, change 'chatSetFormat' in the factions config to 'false' and then edit the essentials messages.
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  7. Glad I was able to help :)
  8. This helped tremendously, thank you so much. However, how do I get the prefix to show up? I used the tag "{Group}" but that only made the name of the group appear in white, not the prefix. {Displayname} only shows the username of the player. Getting the prefix to show up instead the name of the group would be fantastic.

  9. Are you using essentials or factions?
  10. I'm using Essentials.
  11. So when using the prefix {GROUP} it only shows the name instead of the prefix? What permissions plugin are you using?
  12. I'm using Pex. So let's say I have a group called Member with a prefix '&e[Member]'. When I add {GROUP} to the format, it only shows the name of the group in white, which is in this case Member.
  13. {DISPLAYNAME} shows the prefix and the username. {USERNAME} only shows the username.
  14. {DISPLAYNAME} is only showing the username though for some reason.
  15. Not for me, what did you do?
  16. My Essentials Format: '{factions_relcolor}&l{factions_roleprefix}&r{factions_relcolor}{factions_name|rp}&8[&7{GROUP}&8]&r {DISPLAYNAME} &7&l>>&f {MESSAGE}'

    default: true
    prefix: '&8[&7Traveller&8]&7 '

    I had to add {Group} in the Chat Format since the prefix wasn't showing up. This is not good because all of my ranks are now the exact same color. :(
  17. you can also use Deluxe Chat
  18. I'd like it if we could get EssentialsChat to work properly.
  19. If you can't get the group prefix to work, you could use group-formats which defines the chat for each group. You could change the prefix and such.
  20. Use PEX's prefix feature and you won't need to use the {GROUP} placeholder. Using PEX is much easier and works with {DISPLAYNAME}.