1.16.5 ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes not working?

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  1. Hey! I'm making a custom death messages plugin (for an smp) with a customizable yml file. I used the method or whatever its called in the title to translate the color codes, yet something weird happens. If I put "&c&ldude ur so trash TAKE THE L %" it will say "ur so trash TAKE THE L %" instead and there are no colors. Anyone know why?

    Here's my code:
    event.setDeathMessage(ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', deathMessages.get(rand.nextInt(5)).replaceAll("%", event.getEntity().getName())));
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    can you show us the full code including 'deathMessages'
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    you didn't add the color code in the messages in the default config
  4. Yes, but I changed it manually.
  5. Can you show the config file? And why you are not using yaml.getStringList("messages");? It will be more efficient. And you can load the config at onEnable() method in the main class instead of load the config file every time a player dies.
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  6. Try to do a debug to check if messages are good-loaded.