Bungee - Spigot ChatColor 1.2

Change your color to any color you want!

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    ChatColor - Change your color to any color you want!

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  2. Does this make staff chatting a different color? Without them doing & <number>
  3. Yes , Just do the command and choose a color
  4. But I mean when staff normally chat (no acess to & <number>) will they have a specific chat color?
  5. Yes , If they activate the chat color.

    Edit: ChatColor has different permission with Essential. Without Essential access to chatcolor , Your staff can do chatcolor if they have the GUI permission and color permission.
  6. i dont want my staff members to have access to color chat by using & <number> i want to assign a color to a helper rank and when they chat their message is yellow
  7. You can use Essentials Color Code. ChatColor only helps your players/staffs to have color while chatting without using &<code>.
  8. Thats what i wanted :-
  9. I made ChatColor without &<code> , I made it with GUI that you can use for your players. If you don't want &<code> you can disable it on essentials config.
  10. I want all helpers on my server to speak in a color without & <code>