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  1. Unable to get your latest version to work correctly.
    Unable to get the swearing filter to block the swears when using the replacement option.
    Also, in any version when removing ''dis'' it still works even though it's not in the config.

    Also, could you add an option to the Grammar where you can add some whitelisted words. An example for this would be smiles: :p :D xD so grammar is not forced upon some words?

    Also, how could one allow // commands to be used because anti-ads blocks // commands.
    I have added .*//.* which allows -most- // commands to be run. However if I run //brush sphere 4,48,1 1 it still stops me from running the command.
    I can put Enable_In_Commands to false which fixes it, but I would like to have it filtering the commands too, example /me, /msg etc.
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  2. Can someone help me with my anti-ad configuration? It works for IP adresses, but not for domain. Example, when i type in www.google.com it just shows www google com
  3. You cant remove this from the config. If you remove and reload the plugin its gone from the config but it still doesnt works to type in game its autocorrecting it.

    want: wanna
    going: gonna
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  4. I will look into the issues tomorrow ;)
    I was busy recoding the Command section, commands chat clear and chat mute now supports silent and anonymous argument (more on github).
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  5. Yea ChatControl doesn't work for 1.5.2, no config is made.
  6. Allright I probably fixed the "unable to run on MC lower than 1.7" issue, check my github. I am also working on advanced console filter, which can replace messages to custom ones.
  7. Known caveact as of Log4j filter (regarding MC 1.7 and never):
    While adding filters and reloading /chc r works, removing filters from "Console.Filter_Messages" will not work until you SHUTDOWN and START server (NOT /RELOAD). // Cannot be fixed, not my fault.

    Will be Added in 4.3.8!
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  8. Finally, the next version was released. Thanks everybody for support and suggestions! This is a beta release and the "console string replacer" feature is in alpha! Also, please read its header to prevent malfunction!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  9. Development continues! I have implemented fake join/leave messages, and fixed few bugs (Available on GitHub!).
  10. One error, when a players swears. The Admins name is in the spot where it should say there name has sworn.
    Also if you can do this, you will best the best! Please make swear words '*' symbols with the amount of letters in the one they used.

    Example: shit = ****, bitch = ***** with the rest of the sentence and not clearing the whole thing with [CENSORED].
  11. Your able to config that.
  12. Did you add so you can register commands to the chat.yml :D
  13. Yeah I have the same problem with this can you fix it please. Same problem when he is advertising...
  14. How because before I tried and the whole sentence disappeared and how will it know the amount of characters?
  15. EatingEmoKids


    Is it possible to do the following?

    Code (Text):
    Custom_Command: /tempban {player} 15m
  16. Plugin accepts %player as the player and %message as the message that was catched ;)
    So it should be like: /tempban %player 15m (But make sure the plugin for banning supports that "15m" value, this is NOT handled by ChatControl!)
    PS: It is not recommended to ban players, just because false positives.

    It is know issue and hopefully I will finish it soon. But thanks for reporting though.

    Yes I did in 4.0.0-BETA.

    Thanks for reporting I fixed it in AntiSwear, AntiAd and in broadcasting the player who advertises!
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  17. I finally recoded AntiSwear, I have to say that the previous version was worth shit, but now it is kinda ultimate again :D Features:
    • Before swear check, all non alphabetical characters and even duplicate letters are stripped from the message.
    • There are 2 checks - one with features above and one will strict duplicate characters stripped (because there are words like "ass" which are stripped to "as" therefore there are 2 checks)
    • Finally working replacement, it can be "****" and it fully works with regex.
    As soon as I implement it also in the commands section I will push new release.
  18. Time for next release! Changelog:

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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