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The legendary chat plugin. Incredible solution for ads, swear, caps, spam, bots & more!

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  1. Please read the Overview page for information previously located here.
    #1 kangarko, Dec 3, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2015
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  2. You got banned on Bukkit and that sucks, but what plugin was the force op lol?
    Will you just continue on Spigot from now on?

    This plugin is the best chat plugin ever made I need you. xD
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  3. Great work kangarko :)
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  4. Thanks ;) BTW Last time I checked It reached over 18k downloads on bukkit-dev
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  5. This is extremely hard to stop. But I am sure NoCheatPlus contains some restrictions and you can make them even more strict by editing its config.yml but beware for false positives.
  6. Bad luck has nothing to do with getting banned - you got banned for breaking the rules, that's final.

    Next time, think about your actions.
  7. To be honest, he seemed like a complete and total utter asshole, he would go on basic just started developers projects, and call them low rated, and call it bad, like they're supposed to make their own minigame in the first day and post it.
  8. The backdoor was supposed to be in plugin called DeForceOP but nobody has noticed that you had to explicitly state users which has access to these commands in the config.yml plus you had to change the commands.
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  9. Woah finally i can find this plugin! :D I was searching in bukkit but nothing, i remember when i downloaded this plugin for first time some time ago, finally i can found it again. Now have a lot of utilities, and i have a question :p, How i can do the Replace_List, replace without consider the Caps? Because i need to put the exactly words, on my case: Karolag: TENGO lag karolag: TENGO lag
    Help please, and thanks for the great plugin
  10. Hello,
    the plugin is undergoing a major code rewrite. Thanks for all your suggestion and reporting of issues.

    I don´t understand it property, sorry. You want to ignore the case in the Replace_List section ? If it´s so, then I will include it in the next version ;)
  11. Please make antiswear whitelist commands

  12. Great! and sorry for my english, on this moment i wasn't inspired :/
  13. New version is uploaded, v4.3.7, I mostly included requested features.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. WoW I FOUND IT !
    was wondering why i couldn't find it on bukkit anywere

    lol wonder how outdated is the one im still using

    thanks for this plugin,
    good job, keep it up.
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  15. Broke with version 1.5.2. :(
  16. Why are you using the version 1.5.2?
  17. Could you make so you can add commands the chat.log will register?
    By the way awesome work on this plugin!
  18. It is working fine from 1.4.7 to 1.7.2, please post any errors ;)
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