Spigot ChatEmojis 2.1.1b12

Emojis for chat

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    ChatEmojis - Emojis for chat

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  2. Screenshots of the emojis would be nice <3
  3. Add placeholderapi support, so we can like make an :cords: emote, which shows the x y z with a placeholder from another plugin.
  4. I'm very sorry for my late response, but here is a screenshot of the default list of emojis, which I will now also include in the description of the plugin
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  5. That's actually a fantastic idea, I will add that to my todo list for the next update!
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    New Emojis, PlaceholderAPI Support, Multiple Emojis Support, Code Enhancement

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  7. This is an awesome plugin!
    Can I move this plugin to MCBBS
    I will point the link to the SpigotMC address of this plugin
    I hope to get your permission
  8. Thank you, and yes you may.
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    Use Emojis on Signs & Books, Settings GUI, Reload Command

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  10. Can you make on 1.12.2 and a per world system?


    Enabled worlds :
    - world
    - survival
  11. how to use emoji can be use all player at server? i cant find it how to do
  12. To use a specific emoji, do /emoji and (if you’re a server operator) if you hover over the emoji, it’ll tell you the permission node. If you want them to use all emojis, the permission node is chatemojis.use.*
    permission to list all emojis (/emoji) is chatemojis.list
  13. After being moved to MCBBS, this plugin has been liked by many people
    However, they hope that this plugin can be compatible with lower versions
    I have received such advice more than once
  14. I understand, I am working really hard on the next update. There's loads to come. Also if you don't mind sending me link to the MCBBS page?
  15. Hello, developer, I haven’t seen you for a long time, I received private messages from many Chinese server owners, and they hope that this plugin can support custom emoji packs and support more versions