Spigot ChatHTML 1.2

<u onclick="that tickles">Hello <blue>You</blue> !</u>

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    ChatHTML - <u>Hello <blue>You</blue> !</u>

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  2. Added some features of raw JSON format in addition to legacy formatting features (The legacy is the formatting with §, in APIs it's named as it).

    It can also replace formatting texts and raw JSON that are unbearable.
    It's written for external files, so it does not replace complex JSON for complex messages, but in this case, Java code with the message API is more used. Another use is mapmakers, but it's also in singleplayer so not really relevant to spigot. Finally, it's seen that complex JSON is not really done to be written by hand. Also, it can replace external messages where you want formatting without having unreadable config strings.