Spigot ChatInjector 1.13+ 1.0.2

Inject PlaceholderAPI placeholders into your chat with EssentialsXChat

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    ChatInjector 1.13+ - Inject PlaceholderAPI placeholders into your chat with EssentialsXChat

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  2. There is a small problem. Any user can write in colors. It would be nice to add permissions or patch it. Otherwise it works well.
  3. There is a problem with UPPERCASE letters, when using chatinjector some colours, bold etc are lowercase.
    All writed UPPERCASE "TEST"
  4. Downgrade PlaceholderAPI to 2.10.6
  5. For when the fix of the colors? If it takes too long i'll have to remove the plugin.
  6. Is it possible to use ChatInjector also for custome EssentialsX language files.
    For example use a placeholder in the change gamemode message.
    Code (Text):
    gameMode=§6Set game mode§c {0} §6for {luckperms_prefix}§c{1}§6.
    Or will this only works for EssentialsXChat ?
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    ChatInjector v1.0.2

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  8. I have just released an update now to fix all of the issues mentioned
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  9. Thanks for the update but it doesn't work as it should. Lowercase letters are fixed but placeholders are not being replaced. I'm using {vault_ranks} in motd.txt file from Essentialsx and it displays {vault_ranks} instead placeholder value. Before update, with PlaceholderAPI version 2.10.6 it works ok.
  10. I think I found the issue I'll release another update
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  11. Any progress?
  12. I'm a bit confused as to what "- chatinjector.parse" actually does. Giving users the perm doesn't let users parse their own messages for placeholder https://i.imgur.com/j1o7Bzz.png and not giving them the perm still parses it as if it was a prefix/postfix.
  13. After de-compiling the plugin it seems like anything related to isPermissible() is missing from the code. The only time it shows up is in the plugin.yml. Looking at the source code on github it does seem like this used to exist. @PacksGamingHD
  14. I have installed latest PlaceholderAPI (2.10.9) and ChatInjector (1.0.2), but placeholder in EssentialsXChat not working. Am I doing something wrong? (Also installed "world" expansion and latest ProtocolLIB)

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  15. Unfortunately right now it only can do chat formats not chat messages. This is a bug in PAPI. Downgrade to version 1.0.1 and PAPI 2.10.6 and placeholders in messages will work
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  16. Placeholders with EssentialsChat are not displaying in-game but are displaying in the console. Why is this happening?
  17. Did you found any fix?
  18. Doesn't seem to work with essentials motd.

    Does anyone have any newer alternatives?
  19. Is the source code for this fork published anywhere? If not, could it be?