Bungee - Proxy ChatInspector 1.0.7

Stops players spaming, but let's normal players write and much more

  1. simonsator submitted a new resource:

    ChatController - Stops players spaming, but let's normal player write and much more

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  2. how to install this ?
  3. Just upload the jar to the bungeecord server
  4. Plugin does not support Bungee 1.8.8
  5. I just tested it with the newest build of Bungeecord (#1088). All works fine. But I found a language mistake, which I will correct now.
  6. What about a video, screenshots or a gif of this plugin working?
  7. can you add a bypass permissions for admins?
  8. For that is a permission ("chatcontroller.ignore"), but I forgot to write that into the describtion.
  9. Is there a github for this project?
  10. No till know not but I want to release the source code.
  11. This plugin looks very interesting, if you'd like assistance setting one up I'd be happy to help, your plugin looks awesome, i'm hoping the code is the same way :)!
  12. Hay, can you add a support for "*"? and allow the own Website-URL with a whitelist?
    so you can block IPs and domains in chat

    for example, with the blacklist (*.*.*.* or http*) or a own filter.
  13. In the Blacklist all is *WORD* automaticly, so if "forbidden" is a forbidden word, also "forbiddenhf" is a forbidden word.
    I will add a whitelist in the next version.
  14. Nice :) thank you very much!