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  2. Good Plugin
  3. You could add a channel team


    A player (such as a VIP) can create a channel to invite another player.

    / Channelcreate [namechannel]
    / Cc [namechannel]

    / Channeljoin [namechanel]
    / Cj [namechannel]

    / channelleave
    / cl
  4. OK: Good idea! I am going to add this feature! Thanks!
  5. Config traslation Es-Ar

    # First of all , SORRY for my English! :)
    # Please use "�" for color codes! for example: �6 (= gold)
    # The prefix that is showed in the console
    Prefix: ChatManager
    Reload-message: El Server fue recargado
    Filter-forbidden-words: true
    - puto
    - concha
    - gay
    Forbidden-word-set-cancelled: true
    Forbidden-alert-message: Utilizaron palabras prohibidas... :/
    Title-on-forbidden-word-alert: true
    Forbidden-word-title-alert-fadein: 5
    Forbidden-word-title-alert-stay: 10
    Forbidden-word-title-alert-fadeout: 5
    Forbidden-word-title-alert-titlemessage: ¡Prohibido!
    Forbidden-word-title-alert-subtitlemessage: Utilizaron palabras prohibidas
    Bossbar-on-forbidden-word-alert: true
    Forbidden-word-bossbar-alert-message: Utilizaron palabras prohibidas
    Forbidden-word-bossbar-alert-stay: 10
    Actionbar-on-forbidden-word-alert: true
    Forbidden-word-actionbar-alert-message: Utilizaron palabras prohibidas
    Forbidden-word-actionbar-alert-stay: 10
    Welcome-broadcast-message: true
    Player-join-broadcast-message: '[player] se unió al juego'
    Welcome-message: true
    Player-join-message: Bienvenido [player] al server!
    The-player-is-offline-message: Error El jugador está fuera de juego o no es existe
    Enable-mute: true
    On-muted-message: Estas Muteado...
    Enable-muted-bossbar-alert: true
    On-muted-bossbar-message: Estas Muteado...
    On-muted-bossbar-stay: 10
    Enable-muted-actionbar-alert: true
    On-muted-actionbar-message: Estas Muteado...
    On-muted-actionbar-stay: 10
    Enable-muted-title-alert: true
    On-muted-title-fadein: 5
    On-muted-title-stay: 10
    On-muted-title-fadeout: 5
    On-muted-title-message: Estas Muteado...
    On-muted-subtitle-message: Estas Muteado...
    Enable-chat-disable: true
    Try-when-disabled-chat-message: El Chat esta desactivado!
    On-chat-enabled-message: El Chat esta Activado!
    On-chat-disabled-message: El Chat esta desactivado!
    Chat_cleared_message: El Chat fue borrado!
    Welcome-title-message: true
    Player-join-title-message: Bienvenido!
    Player-join-subtitle-message: Bienvenido!
    Player-join-title-fadeIn: 10
    Player-join-title-fadeOut: 10
    Player-join-title-stay: 20
    Welcome-bossbar-message: true
    Player-join-bossbar-message: Bienvenido!
    Player-join-bossbar-stay: 20
    Welcome-actionbar-message: true
    Player-join-actionbar-message: Bienvenido
    Player-join-actionbar-stay: 20
  6. Mentions... i like add

    @Facu Hola