Spigot ChatMonitor 0.7

Chat monitoring, control, censure, blocked and lower case words

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    ChatMonitor - Chat monitoring, control, censure, blocked and lower case worlds

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  2. Chat halts means you can't see other player's chat
  3. Yea feature that mute your OWN chat only and OTHERS too for example
    /chat halt - for self
    /chat halt <player> - for others
    /chat halt all - for all players

    I really like my idea :) :D So I hope you will add these features
    I'm looking for a plugin with these features for centuries jk.
    But most of them only disables the chat and other players
    so I want a plugin that disables your OWN chat only.
    With the permission of chatmonster.chat.halt.bypass - a user with this permission can bypass the chat even though an admin or a staff
    disables the chat for all
    I hope you understand me.. yea that's all I want to suggest :)
    Such plugin such wow :D
  4. Oh, really thanks for this advice! I will try to create a system for mute/unmute people if what you want, I'll try to do this, in the next week I hope to carry it out
  5. good but. some words are consurned that arnt bad!
  6. Hey, i was wondering if you could replace the replacing swearword to not being able to post in chat at all?


    If i say Hi there, fuck you.

    Instead of it going " Hi there, **** you "

    Make it so it doesn't show up in chat and have a message such as

    You message contain a bad message