Spigot ChatProtection+ 1.0.1 BETA

Prevents chat, and command spammers, along with caps limiting.

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    ChatProtection+ (version 1.0.0) - Prevents chat, and command spammers, along with caps limiting.

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  2. Would be cool if an admin would get an alert on every server so is there is no admin on the PvP an admin on the survival can respond.
  3. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    I don't think this plugin is designed for bungee
  4. Still, he could make it work right? :)
  5. Maybe anti-ad?
  6. YoFuzzy3


    Before I use this plugin I'd like to know exactly what the 'BanForSpam' option does, as it's described to both kick and ban.

    Also anti-ad would be nice. :)
  7. Have been looking into adding bungee support, or a bungee version.
  8. Configurable messages please? I want to translate this plugin to my servers language.
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  9. Sway

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    Players who reach max warnings will be IP banned. You do need to enable ban for spam in the configuration file though. If you do not they will be kicked at max warnings.
  10. YoFuzzy3


    Okay, thanks for the info! :)
  11. Pixiio I have had some free time for once, and I decided to re-write the entire plugin, mainly because I wanted to do it better this time. Along with this I linked the new project file in eclipse to my github, so if you would like to see the progress your more than welcome to check it out.

  12. Nice, will look soon! Any new things? :D
  13. Made it so you can configure the messages so you can put it in your language ;)
    Still working on a way for it to generate the file with the info if its missing, but it will generate it.
    I changed the configuration file, I added a bunch of explanations withing the configuration file itself now.


    Moved the way I handle users into their own class. Will make it option to use Vault as the permission handler, removed the option to not use permissions at all. support for the '*' super node, and if your op you have overriding access on every permission node.

    Permission layout has changed to make it easier to configure it the way you want. Will add separate nodes to the /cpp command tomorrow so that you can give admins access to only what you want.

    A lot more changes, too many to keep blabering on about lol.
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    Beta version 1.0.1

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  15. Nice. Could you add so you can make exceptions? I want so people can yes ''yes'' and ''no'' multiple times. (configurable please, i want yes/no in my own language. :p
  16. Sway

    Artist Supporter

    I'm going to assume you have some sort of quiz on your server people need to take before they can do anything, correct?

    If this is the case, you can give that group the exempt permission node cpp.ignore.
  17. No, it's just annoying for people so they can't yes 2 times.
  18. Sway

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    I see...
  19. I can push a compiled 1.0.1_01 BETA for you with a configuration option to add a list of word exceptions to ignore.

    no longer just cpp.ignore
    it would be cpp.ignore.chat.spam
  20. Please update this plugin :(