Spigot ChatReaction 1.8.0

Be the first to type/unscramble the word for rewards!

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    RyanM submitted a new resource:

    ChatReaction - Be the first to type the random text for rewards!

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  3. make this automatically timed and randomized rewards then i may try this
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    Its free so I don't really care if you try it or not :p (no offense or anything)

    The rewards are already selected at random. You just set the max a player can possibly get.
    This is also automatically timed and will start on the interval you set.
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  5. Can you have a setting for minimum amount of players online for it to work?
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    Yeah, I added it but I removed because I wasn't sure if it would be used. I can also add an ignore command if you want.
  7. The minimum players thing would really help, I'd like there to be some competition :)

    Also, disable answering in creative / certain worlds maybe?
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    I will add the case sensitive option next update.

    Let me know any suggestions you have if you think of any!

    I like the predefined list of words where one is randomly selected from a config list.
    Maybe even a "scramble" option that would scramble the word and the player has to put it back together?

    Anyways, if you like the plugin be sure to leave a like / review :)
  10. Like an anagram? that'd be sweet.
  11. Thats alout @RyanM your the best broski
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    I don't want to spam with updates but tomorrow I will release another fun update :)


    Multiple lines for messages:


    Guess the word:
    word: %word%


    And a scramble option to scramble your custom words

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  14. Looks nice :p
  15. I've been having a lot of fun with this plugin! I especially enjoy how "upc" isn't "cup," but is instead "cpu." I seriously got a big kick out of that. xD


    Great plugin. :)
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  16. Making some headers and logos for the plugin now :)
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    No problem!

    I just got off work and am going to be working on adding a few more things I thought of over the night :)

    Track players wins through MySQL

    Scramble options - scramble whole String or per word ex:

    'this is a word' scrambled to per word: 'siht si a drwo'

    'this is a word' full scramble: 'daro wist his'
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  18. whoa thanks! and yes, offense taken! :mad:
  19. @RyanM
    Could you add a way to change the plugin prefix?