Bukkit ChatReaction 1.8.0

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  1. Not sure whats going on here but it looks like the plugin does not create the database. I checked the mysql logs and it does acknowledge the login as correct but show databases reveals that the plugin did not create the database. The mysql user has been granted all global privileges for the purpose of this test.

  2. I messaged the creator and got this auto reply...

  3. That useful an all except no one helps there either. Believe me I've tried.
  4. Does anyone know how to get this plugin to work while using Bungee Chat ?
    Reaction doesnt register the player typing in the words because all of the chat is on the Bungee server.
    and if i setup the chat to pass to the local server then all of the chat is doubled up
  5. Anyone able to help me with the following error: https://hastebin.com/cehezilohe.vbs It doesn't cause any issues that I know about, however when quite a few players try to join at once, that error message is spammed into console.
  6. Your Username, Password, Database name, Port all correct ?
  7. Yes, as it's printing data into the correct tables, this error messages are only spammed when 5+ people trying to all join at once.
  8. Can you send me a whole log with it shutdown
  9. Full logs, are 100,000+ lines, including IP Addresses for hundreds of players, so I prefer not to. They show nothing more, than what I'm showing.
  10. The information with the mysql is not correct
  11. clip


    Nah i think it may be a bug on my end. I'll take a look when I am able to.
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  12. ok i haven got the message so i figured maybe a name or host problem but no can not connect so...
  13. As I stated, the information is being stored in the Tables correctly, and we self host. No other plugins are having an issue, so we know for a fact, it isn't an issue on our behalf. Thanks for trying to be helpful, but you're trying to blame us, when it isn't our fault.

    Thank you Clip.
  14. I've installed your plugin and configured it and whichever interval i put the reactions dont show in chat and nothing happens.
    I've also tried with '/reaction start' and it says: "The reaction is already started" and nothing happens.

    I've also checked logs and there are no errors from your plugin.
    Can someone help me?
  15. How many players is it set to be online? If it is just you and it is set to 2, then it will not go off. You could set it to 1 so when one player is online, it will go off.
  16. Would there be an ability to maybe put a cool down for players who keep on winning chat reactions.
  17. How does one enable the /reaction top?
  18. The old chatreaction didn't have this:
    enabled: true
    charge: true
    charge_amount: 100.0

    What is this?
  19. This is all under hooks. This is hooking under QAPlugin which will allow users to ask for hints. The QAPlugin is similar to Gary on test plugins.
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  20. Clip,

    Can you add SSL support?