Spigot ChatRooms 2.3.0

Better private group chat

  1. Ah okay, i wrote the last post before I saw this one. Great to hear that it works for you. Sorry for any inconvenience
  2. i tihnk your permissions are f'd up.. please fix.
  3. Do the permissions work for you? I cant seem to get them to work...
  4. How so?
  5. Give them the ChatRooms.command permission. Sorry I haven't updated the documentation, I've been really busy
  6. Ill test if it works.
  7. Appaerntly now they are "Banned" from the chatrooms they created... any idea why? They cant join their own chatroom.
  8. I apologize for that, I forgot to insert an exclamation mark :p
    I've released a patch which fixes this problem and others that i noticed.
  9. Is it updated?
  10. Does not work -_- Same error... restarting my server and see if that fixes.
  11. Is there a way to go into global chat without having to leave a chat room?
  12. No. The point is u stay in global chat or in the chatroom. No complex /shout or anything.
  13. Ah ok :/
  14. I got a glitch where I somehow joined a chatroom twice, then I when I typed into chat, it appeared in both the chatroom and global.