Spigot ChatWarn 1.3.0

Give players a warning that they cannot miss!

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    ChatWarn - Give players a warning that they cannot miss!

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  2. Is this compatible with 1.7? If not could you make it? man this would be a great addition.
  3. I'll see what I can do for our next update :)
  4. Also mate, there is a bug of some sort. Right now i can't get a screenshot because i'm not home but it says 'error has occured' or something to that extent, ./warn {player} {reason} . I can't warn from console nor in-game. I know i'm not providing you with much information but maybe you could still take a look. I'm running 1.7.10 that supports 1.8 clients (spigot)
  5. This is written on a 1.8 build feature so it will not work on 1.7.10. I'll consult with Jones to see if we can do anything.
  6. haha okay man thanks for the help. I did not know what to do! :D now i know! keep up with the good work.
  7. Let us now if there are any other issues! Feel free to drop us a rating!
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    Grammar Update

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