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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a decent web host. I don't want to pay "5/month for 3 years" I can pay a maximum of $5/month.

    I'm not looking for the best specs either. I'm satisfied with 10-20 gb space, multiple domains/MySQL databases, 99% uptime etc.

    I currently use namecheap which is fine, but they don't allow remote access on shared servers.


    P.S. Anyone here offering webhosting please PM me, I'd love to compensate
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    Please explain "remote access on shared servers"? Are you referring to MySQL remote access or you want SSH access?
  3. My bad, I typed this on my phone. I was referring to MySQL remote access. Namecheap doesn't allow it because it's apparently a security threat to them.

    In short, I'm looking for a host to be able to host a forum and allow remote access.
  4. Remember, cheap doesn't have friendly terms with reliability and performance.
  5. No shit.

    There's a list of web-hosts out there. Go to OVH, buy a VPS, and setup your own server on it.
  6. I'd rather not, I prefer shared atm, as I don't have the time to go through and run commands to install something :)
  7. Ironically VPS servers are shared servers.
  8. Shared meaning it's all set and ready to go. Much easier for me
  9. Not looking for the best specs. Just looking for something reasonable in either the US and Europe. In terms of service, Namecheap served me well for $10/year.
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  10. Thanks, but I just found one for $2/month with a bit better specs