Cheap but good DDOS Protection ?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by R3DY246, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Im in need of DDOs Protection..... really badly

    But i dont want to be spending $600 on DDOS, Does anyone know any Good DDOS Protection that is fairly cheap, but doesnt cost the earth ??
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  3. Javapipe is reasonable.
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  4. Javapipe: Sucks for large servers, after hitting 400 player online everyone would lose connection, they fixed it, but it happened again at 500, then again at 600.. resells cnservers, which is not the best
    AssetGateway: Been using this for 1 month and a week, my server has been down maybe 5-6 times through it, not for a long time, an old admin of asset that quit when he got in an argument with the owner, gave his password list of asset to someone else, who went on it, and deleted everyone's ip rules, so everyone's server went offline, and he know has everyone's backend ips, including mine. (Which i have changed ofcourse) They do not provide any refunds either.
    TransitSheild: Was paying for 13 ips, and was getting 6. After I left, i heard of people still using them having there ips go offline.
    BlackLodus: COMPLETE SCAM, horrible protection.. lags, etc.. even after they agreed to refund me, they didn't refund me.
    Staminus: Having issues with there protection mitigating legit players, I haven't used it myself, but friends I know have this issue.. although they are working on fixing it. Also there prices on there site is alot more then what its worth.. You can talk them in the private chat down to like 60% off..

    Now there are currently 2 people I know of who might be a good way to go, one of them currently has his network full, and the other is the guy that quit assetgateway and gave his password list away.
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  5. Oh so that is what happened with TransitShield... My service just died there a few weeks ago and I still have not received a reply to tickets or paypal disputes. Hopefully I will get a refund.

    About 2 months ago Javapipe was having issues when I bought their service. Players would disconnect because Javapipe had"having issues with their upstream network provider."

    As for BlackLodus I tried buying their minecraft DDoS prot but they said they don't offer it anymore.

    I am currently using AssetGateway but for some reason a decent chunk of my players disconnect. For me I would say I am having more downtime from the DDoS protection than actual DDoS attacks when I am unprotected.
  6. Yea.. I got lots of problems to.. but then again My server will get ddosed in less then an hour off protection, one time it was ddosed in about 10 minutes after taking it off protection for testing..
  7. Wow. If you are a smaller server you could probably buy DDoS protection with a low bandwidth limit for cheap and show your ddosers that you bought protection. When they leave you alone because you can't be taken down then you could take off the protection. This is what I did when I was getting attacked every day. After that it was a couple weeks before I got another attack.
  8. ive had ddos protection for months, they still ddos the protection up to 50 times a day.
  9. What kind of protection do you use now?
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    I would like to know this too, Malo, i am also interested in cheap but good DDoS protection.

    Even if it only blocks max of 1000mbps/sec, the max DDoS i get is 800mbps/sec, so that would be fine.

    What about firewalls? Is there any good firewall that will stop small to medium DDoS attacks, even if its £30/month for a license of something?

    Jesse Gall, Whats your peak amount of incoming DDoS?
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    You are still being DDOSed while on OVH?
    Who did you piss off...
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    No, its mostly gone, but no, it was on the other server too, its followed me to OVH xD

    Still get the occasional 100/200mbps incoming though, which takes me down a few mins.
    But getting rarer and rarer.
  13. Currently using asset, probably going to move to a guy who doesn't have a website or anything soon, once he gets his network upgrades.
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    b... but.... they only go up to 10GB/sec!!
    Surely someone has DDoSd you with more than that by now?
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    OVH will not change your IP, only way is getting a new box and they won't work with you in other methods. (BHS Center)
    Only option your left to do is ordering a block, which may or may not work for you.

    Not sure how other centers do it, hopefully when you find an affordable protection they will work with you.
    Good luck.
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    They DDoS the domain, not the IP.
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  18. You won't. I bought TransitShield for $120 in the beginning of december after purchasing they simply ignored all of my emails. (They answered my emails before purchasing and ignored all of them afterwards, I know this because I made a fake email account under a fake name and sent an email to them regarding purchasing and they answered an hour later) And in the middle of january I opened a dispute on PayPal and lost.
  19. Yeah my case just got closed the other day and I lost. Very annoying there is nothing I can do.
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    Sounds like TransitShield == PayPal
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