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  1. Hello, I am currently looking for a cheap dedicated server $40 max ideally.

    With this budget I’m not sure is it possible to get a host with 24/7 DDoS protection as well as a host that doesn’t null route.

    Edit: Looking to host a Skyblock server with around 50-100 players on with this which may be asking a lot for the price but let’s me optimistic

    Thanks all.
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    You can take a look at SoYouStart. But, maybe if you provided a bit more insight into what you need it for, we can provide better results

    PS: Long time no see
  3. Thanks have made an edit. SYS doesn’t have 24/7 DDoS unfortunately. And yes glad to see you as well :D it’s been a while.
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  4. They do, but I don’t believe it’s permanent and can take a few minutes to kick in resulting in down time.
  5. That the network is just a 5-second hickup if you require a permanent go to a provider which provides permanent mitigation enabled on ovh's network with a VPS or just go to OVH itself although it's not possible due to your budget
  6. If a DDoS attack happens on a SYS server does it take the server down fully or do you get lag for a few minutes until it kicks in?
  7. They said their Anti-Ddos system detects an attack within a couple of seconds, and migrates the attack, thus resulting in a minimal performance hit.
  8. Its just 1-5 seconds which you'll barely notice