Cheap VPS for 2 servers? [Solved]

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Which one?

  1. OVH VPS SSD 3

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  2. Webtropia VPS Server M

    4 vote(s)
  3. VPSDime - 12gb memory (more memory than others)

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  1. Heya.

    I'm looking for a VPS for 2 Minecraft servers and maybe Bungee.
    The first server is a factions server with some lucky blocks etc. The second is a lucky block skywars one.

    There are mostly 10-15 players online.
    All the players are from Finland (Europe).
    Currently thinking of a 8 gb host.
    (Well, VPSDime has 12gb and it's better)
    Paysafecard support would be awesome.
    Price should not be over 15$/month. I'm pretty low on money.

    What's the best host for me?
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  2. Localhost :p JOKE!

    Try a OVH VPS and run Linux on it (ofc)
    And install it there, if you don't know anything about that, that wouldn't be the thing to choose.
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  3. The VPS SSD 2 seems pretty good.
    The only problem is that it's a bit too expensive => I need to buy it secretly with a paysafecard.
    OVH doesn't accept paysafecards.
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  4. I don't think anyone supports paysafecards most host will only accept PayPal you could try finding a friend who you could give the card to for PayPal money.
  5. I might be able to do that.
    I'll try in January.
  6. Unfortunately, 4 euros won't get you much. That's around $1.50 USD per GB per month. Minespan is the only host I know of who sells that cheap, and their quality is awful, I would highly advise against going with them. If you know what you're doing, you could pick up a VPS from OVH. However, as mentioned above I would not recommend this unless you know linux/the command line.
  7. Well, I have used Linux for 2 months and I know some basic stuff.
    I might go with the VPS.

    (just need to buy it secretly)
  8. Don't buy a VPS unless you know what you're doing. You're going to screw up if you don't. Basic stuff isn't enough. Also, you will need to install some type of panel, (Multicraft, mcmyadmin etc). For a free one I recommend pufferpanel.
  9. Well, one of my admins is good in Linux.
    I used to run my server on a dedicated one, but the guy who was buying the host for me decided to delete the server's screen.

    So yeah, I guess I'll be fine with the VPS.
  10. Alright. Glad you found something.
  11. GGServers is cheap, and despite it's reputation, it has really changed.
  12. Hey @ComputerGuy365 >>
    I heard, that OVH might suspend the VPS, if it's on a high CPU usage. Can this happen easily with a Spigot server?
  13. Try minespan. You probably won't get as much quality though. You can get 4gb within your budget.
  14. I don't think so, I don't know many people who have had their VPSs suspended due to high CPU who run MC.
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  15. 2016 line has better cpu's which can handle tons of overload but I readed the docs for 2016 line and there are no cpu limits
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  16. Ok, thanks.

    Now I only need a way to buy a host from OVH. :p

  17. vps ssd 2016 from ovh will do for you, if playerbase ir 10-15 it will do, i had faction server, plus website on it, caped at 25 people online, and it was 18 tps
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  18. Yeah, I'll never have over 20 players as Finland's MC community is pretty much ruined. They just play on some youtubers' servers.

    OVH seems perfect for my stuff.
  19. Unlikely, if you only have 10-15 players.
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  20. Check out
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