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  1. Currently I'm computerless and jobless -a wonderful combo I know, and I'm wondering how much I will have to scrape up to get a functioning machine. My requests are pretty simple, I'm an artist so I need to be able to be able to plug a wacom intuous into it and draw, and I would like to be able to record and edit speed paints if possible. Maybe play a lil Minecraft every now and then.

    I'm really looking for the cheapest option possible, 300> ideal. Can anyone help me out and tell me where and what for I should be looking?
  2. If you are looking for a new computer, ~$300 isn't going to get you very far. You might as well just not even think about games like Minecraft on it. You could look for used ones but that will be a mixed bag. Building your own computer with used parts is probably the best option IMO.
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  3. You could get a decent PC with $400-500 buying used parts, but I don't know about $300, you may be able to get a PC for that price but it may be a bit old
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  4. Where is the best place to find used parts?
  5. Craigslist is pretty good. If you go onto YouTube and type in "Scrapyard wars", you will find a series by LTT where they have to build a PC out of used parts on a very small budget and timescale
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  6. Local classifieds
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  7. Strahan


    +1. Craigslist has a decent deals on used hardware in my area. This is almost tempting, I'd probably nab it if I wasn't already financially strapped at the moment.
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  8. Well I live in Germany and I don't think craigslist is as widely used, but I think I there's alternative classifieds here. Though if I need to ask questions about the parts I'm buying it'll be a pain in the ass with my limited german.
    Thanks everyone :)
  9. I always watch those, they're funny, and educational. And a great convincer for me that it's always a 5x reboot on second hand stuff before it really works.
  10. Honestly, cheap computer is not the way to go. If you want to experience gaming better and not having issues, you might as well get a good computer with good ram/memory and a good graphics card.
  11. Strahan


    lol that's a bit obvious, isn't it? Buy a better product and you'll have a better experience. One would assume OP is looking for a cheap computer because they can't get something fancy. Also, saying good ram/memory is redundant :)
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  12. @BananaPuncher714 What made you go with laptop parts? Is the price that much different than desktop parts or are you going with a slim build?
  13. Maybe it's cold where he is and he likes a warm lap with no real cooling when he's running that integrated gpu up to 80 degrees celcius :) to get those 50fps
  14. I'm poor mainly. Also, I know someone with the full laptop and it's pretty decent. Laptop parts are infinitely cheaper than PC parts anyways, so that's why I chose these if you're wondering. :) I'm gonna try to get a real PC when I have the money, but I'm hoping this one can bring me through the next few years until I do. ;)
  15. Not really. Go on Craigslist or eBay and look for used parts. If you can find a prebuilt PC going for a low price with a decent CPU, grab that and spend the rest of your budget on like a 1030
  16. At 300 you probably need to get a prebuilt computer, it will be a struggle to build one that cheaply. Also, you probably want a laptop since it includes a screen as well, saves you a few bucks from having to buy a monitor. Just look at Amazon there are plenty of $300 options.

    Here's one that seems suited to your requirements only barely though, however I honestly recommend you get something around $500 as you probably want something with at least 8gb of ram or buy a second hand one.
  17. Use the tried and true ghetto dell gaming PC: Get an old optiplex for 100$ or so, make sure it is a model that supports 75W to PCIe, and slap a GTX 750 Ti in it. Runs almost anything except the newest heaviest games at 1080p, and is fine for minecraft, e-sports, mmorpgs ect on max.
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  18. Curious to hear if the @op got a system by now.
  19. I mean you could try looking at a local pawn shop or a rent to own option :/ but $300 isn't much for a computer.
    Also could try to get a credit card to like Best Buy or whatever.

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