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  1. If OVH is too high for you, then you're out of luck. They're the cheapest provider that I know of if you're using their subsidiaries like Kimsufi and SYS.
  2. Is any good? Since their E3 1245 v5 and 32 gb of ram look like a really good deal...
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    He wants to have something like this probably:

    Code (Text):
    while (true)
        myList.add("ram usage");
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  4. ok 1st OVH is your cheepest option, you can go with other ones but their network speed sucks, and as for OVH support, you just CALL THEM dont wait for an e-mail, just pick up the phone and call them, their phone service is great!
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  5. is like a cheaper, lower quality alternative to OVH. They took 14 days to reply to my email and have virtually no free DDoS protection.
  6. Wow, that's not cool. I was already put off my the setup fee, but still good to know.

    Dedispec is good alternative to ovh, just they sell older xeon E3, but you they reply with in a day.
  7. Dedispec only have 2Gbps ddos protection, which these days is basically nothing.
    They also have frequent power and network outages.
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  8. here let me quote a previous message.
    to add to this though ovh/sys is your best option for cheap 64gb of ram. for web hosting(only) i recommend datarealm but they are expensive but have great support and superb reliability (16+ years(longer than I've been alive(parents))), not sponsored by datarealm.
  9. RSNET-Radic


    Thank you for the recommendation.
  10. I think you should tell what your budget is and what you are expecting to get.
  11. سلمان والله مو جالس اطقطق اعرف لك خادم كويس وخروافي البنق فيه انا شاري منه اذا تبيه تعال تيم سبيك
  12. i have a 16GB Intel E5462 1TB hard drive for 55$ If you want.
  13. if USA - go to reliablse site, if EU and dont want to use OVH - go to seflow - you can find a good deals there
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    Thank you for the mention!