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  1. Hey guys
    I am selling my server files so im looking for a 1/2 $ host. Can anyone hmu?
  2. Hi there! Thank you for the recommendations. Which hosting is good for Worpdress, by the way? I have created a website with the help of School WordPress Themes, and I am looking for a hosting solution now. Thank you in advance!
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  3. @Mohir! what happened to ONLINE NOW?
  4. If you want a REALLY cheap server use clynex.
    If you choose Canada as your location they use
    I7-6700K/I7-8700K's. And if you use the code
    "FLASH" It gives you 85% off your order. So all
    up it will be around $0.30/gb which is insanely cheap.

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  5. Thank you guys!
    BTW: I am trying to sell my server (factions) if anyone interested dm me
  6. I'd recommend using the following hosts within that price range: ExcaliburNode, Aquatis, Cubiknode, TitanNode and Deluxenode
  7. Etheral Solutions would be a great option, especially with the new discount code they are offering.
  8. If your gunna use pebble house use my servers discount code “Hythryl” for 10% off all purchases!!
  9. Hello, i am the owner of a new hosting provider (we started last week) and we can offer you a cheap minecraft server located in Canada or Europe, just DM me or answer this post :)

  10. And what server files might those be? the same server files that you sold to Voltrix?

    FYI anyone looking to buy from him just realises that he is a scammer.

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