cheapest VPS hosting?

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  1. where can i find the cheapest window vps hosting
  2. Hey,
    Try to buy directly from OVH or somewhere like
  3. Why do you need an windows vps?
  4. for console cleint to afk alts
  5. I use it too in Linux without any problems, you need to use the mono runtime and just do
    Code (Text):
    mono ./MinecraftClient.exe
    and it will work. Of course you will need to install it first with (Debian)
    Code (Text):
    sudo apt-get install mono-complete
  6. doesnt work with me and windows is much easyer for me
  7. latiku


    You can always use Linux and mark2, not that much cheap Windows VPS hosting nowadays.

    If you decide to go to Linux, OVH offers $1.50/GB
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