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  1. How can i check if this list is emty?
    List<Integer> list = conf.getIntegerList("KitChest");
    Code (Text):
        ==: org.bukkit.Location
        world: world
        x: -285.0
        y: 69.0
        z: -426.0
        pitch: 0.0
        yaw: 0.0
    I try With list.isEmpty() but it does not work
  2. list.size() > 0
    //Your stuff here
    }catch(Exception e){
    System.out.println("m8 u think u can leave shit empty?");
  3. Because in this case the list is not empty
    Also I recommend making a custom location serializerf
  4. not sure but I think it would be empty, as that would be a configurationsection not a list, but not sure, as lists start with "-" on each line... but im not sure as I have not experimented with this alot
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    KitChests isn't a list. In your case, the path to the first value would be KitChest.1.[location].
    If you want to access objects like that as a list, use PluginConfiguration#getConfigurationSection on "KitChest", then loop through all its keys.
  6. And if I wanted to check if it is empty
  7. ScarabCoder

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    Check if the key set is empty.
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