Check if a player is using a specific client [HELP]

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  1. So I'm working on a client for my server that boosts frames and all that jazz (with mcp 'modcoderpack'), how would i make a plugin in bungee to check if they use my client. I would probably have to change stuff in the client, but I want it where if they dont have the client on, they cant join and it kicks them saying "You must join the server with the server's official client." Kinda like cheatbreaker. If it is possible, I would also like to know if I need to put anything in my client code and what. Thank you.
  2. You would probably have to send a message from the client to the server and kick the player if the server didn't receive it
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    Register a packet on the client that will be sent to the server. Send it some time during the login process.

    To receive it on BungeeCord, you'll have to either modify BungeeCord itself to detect the packet or inject a handler into the Netty pipeline using your plugin.

    A good resource is It contains a lot of information about the Minecraft protocol, including the packet format.